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Lug Brushing Machines With Dust Collector

Lug Brushing Machines With Dust Collector
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Lug Brushing Machines With Dust Collector
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Technical Specifications
  A side view of the machine with brushing arrangement clearly visible.
The dust collection is effective & behind the brush mechanism with blower fan on top.
Salient Features:
  • No pollution & hence operator friendly
  • Productivity automatically enhanced.
  • Scrap generation collected in tray.
  • Environment protected.
  • Filter media automatically pulsed periodically by use of timers.
  • Equipment is lightweight & hence easily portable

Utility Requirements:

  • Brushing motor needs 0.5 H.P. Power
  • Blower motor needs 1.5 H.P. Power
  • Compressed air required at 4 Kg./cm2 for periodic pulsing of filters.

Control Panel:

  • Wall mountable design.
  • Operation on wall mounted panel restricted to blower motor start & stop only.
  • Brush motor operation on the grinder for easy start & stop function.
  • Panel input connection is simple with only one three phase incoming supply.
  • Output connection from panel to be given to blower motor & brushing grinder motor & solenoid coil of pulsing valve.

1. How important is lug brushing? Is it really necessary?

Lung brushing is important and hence necessary prior to group welding in the assembly department since removal of oxide from the lugs exposes the metal surface thereby ensuring a proper welding and bonding of the plates to the busbar.

2. In what way is lug brushing on machine butter compared to filing the plates?

Manual filing of plates can result in uneven lug thickness causing lead runs during grouping. Such lead runs if undetected can be the reason for cell shorts and battery failure. Thus it is a quality related issue. Moreover filing of plates manually is laborious, time consuming and hence not economically viable.

Further – in addition to productivity the rate of production with manual filing is low and hence unviable considering the competitive nature of today’s business environment. Lastly and not the least – manual filing is polluting whereas the lug brushing machine having the
integrated dust collector ensures that the lead dust is collected in a tray resulting in substantial
savings for today’s battery manufacturers clean setup.

3. Can the machine be used for industrial plates lug brushing?

The machine can be used for positive & negative plates of standard size as well as narrow size automotive plates in addition to using these for all industrial plates.

4. How frequently does the filter media need cleaning?

Cleaning of the filter media is done periodically with the help of compressed air. It is for this purpose thatcompressed air forms part of this machine’s utility requirement. A timer in the control panel ensures cleaningof the filter at regular intervals of one minute.